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More than 300 asylum seekers joined the big party that was made in Roskilde for the young asylum seekers on Zealand. Outlandish was one of the bands playing. “ It is my first time to be at a concert in my life.”

Roskilde Asyl Rock

A big party for the youth asylum seekers between 18-25 on Zealand in Roskilde

By Marion Chen


Six buses with more than 300 young asylum seekers from all refugee centres on Zealand arrived in the front of the Gimle Concert Hall in Roskilde at 7:30pm on the 16th of December. They are coming for a big party, Roskilde Asylum Rock.

A warming up Kurdish dance in the middle of the hall started the excitement of the concert by all young men from different centres with different languages and nationalities. The Arabic music made the atmosphere even higher before concert started.

Nour Amora was the first band that made the young people screaming for the songs and music. Then came the Katinka and the well known band Outlandish. Young people just followed the rhythm, hanging up their mobiles, waving their hands, singing together with the singers. This made the concert up to its top high point.

Roskilde Asyl Rock was organised by two main organisers Michael Røscher, a teacher of Sct. Jargons Skole School in Roskilde, and Jacob Norgaard, a Red Cross school teacher. This idea came to Michael since he has made some cultural activities for his school students with young asylum seekers in Jacob’s class in Roskilde refugee centre.

Michael(right) with asylum seekers

“It started with another project with asylum seekers in Roskilde. “ said Michael, “ We have school classes together and I talked about it with Jacob. Actually I am involved in the Roskilde Festival and it is a non profit organisation. All the profit we have to put into the humanitarian courses.Then we got the idea why not spent some money on the project like this where we could make some good vibe for the young people at the asylum centre. And to see if this could happen and then we worked out.”

Jacob expected the impact of the concert will be, “ First, the impression they can have is that they can come out of the camp, enjoy the music and have time to meet people at the concert and be happy for one evening. Back to the camp, it is usually a bit sad atmosphere because many of them have problems with their situations. And this can make them out and just enjoy themselves, hopefully to get some sad thoughts behind and be happy and dancing and listen to the music.”

He then said, “But I want to say, in the longer run, it is a kind of introduction to the night life in Denmark. It is a good experience for them to go out and make relations. When they grow up and have their children, they feel more safe to let their children to go out because they had the same experience. I will try to build a bridge between Danish youth culture and immigrants culture so they can see that it’s a nice place and it’s nice people and it’s good music and it’s about fun.”


Interviews with some from the audience:

What will you remember this day for?

“Music, just music.” Shi said.

Zaid Tarrad, a young man from Iraq, said, “I remember my country, my friends and some of my friends died and the situation in Iraq.”

“ Today is fun, a big gathering.” Said Hamim Safi

Dlk Swiz, a girl from, said,” I forget all the sad story for me on the way to here.”


Hamim Safi
Zaid Tarrad
Dlk Swiz


How is this day different compared to the rest of days in the week?

“We have music and dance and drink here, good food as well.” said Shi.

“I feel I am good and everything is good.” said Zaid, “ I enjoy it.”

“ It is my first time to be at a concert in my life.” Hamim Safi said, “ I will  remember it for my whole life.”

“ Today is a very special day for me, a big day for me because I come to the concert and enjoy the famous bands here.” Dlk Swiz said.

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