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Residents have to move because of fungus in Kongelund

By: Makmoud

There is fungus in the Kongelund Asylum Center. This fungus has returned after it was treated more than two years ago which then cost a few million Danish kroner.  The kindergarten at the center, the staff members and some of the asylum seekers had to move to a new location in Kongelund Asylum Center.

Badran and his family have to move from their apartment to a shared house. Here he is with his family on the steps of the flat he was told to leave. “I am worried about the health of my children. In the new place we have to share a kitchen and also a bathroom. This has added a burden on me when I’m also looking after my mentally ill wife and my three children. Two of them are very energetic”, he says.

New Times talked to the head of the center, Gitte Nielsen, about the fungus in Kongelund Asylum Center.

What is the health risk of this fungus?
“The Danish health authorities say that some people have health risks with fungus, but not everybody. If you are living under these conditions for a long time you can get allergy from the fungus. It can affect your skin and your lungs. The longer you stay, the worse it will be.

We moved the people who work here very quickly. If we did not do that the Danish work authorities would ask us to do it. You are not allowed to work under these conditions.”

Where do you move the people?
“The women from the Single Women’s Center are being moved to Dianalund. The people who are sick and families with children move too. The rest will stay in their rooms. Cleaning of the rooms will be done daily by vacuum cleaning machines. We also have a clean area in the center, that we can use. The Immigration authorities will decide what to do about the whole thing. Either they will renovate – or they will move the entire center.”

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