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Residents complain about lack of security in asylum center

Residents in the Foldbjerg Asylum Center in Jutland have contacted New Times because of concerns about their asylum center

By Eden

“There is no fence surrounding us, no security guard and a big tv in the kitchen was stolen.” say residents Midas and Mamo.

Midas and Mamo are from Syria and they moved from Sandholm to Foldbjerg Asylum Center five months ago. The couple has a baby and they say their room is very small and too cold. They have asked to be moved to another camp, but the staff thold them they had to stay there. Thieves are stealing things from their room and the kitchen, and no one knows who is stealing. The thieves come in the night, where it is dark and the two refugees are afraid to walk around because there is no light outside.

“We are afraid to live here,” Midas and Mamo say.

Men in the camp have no respect for women
Two women, who also live in the center and wish to be anonymous have told New Times how some of the men, who live in the center, have no respect for women.
“Sometimes they suddenly open the door to our room and say ‘I want sex’. It is very difficult and dangerous and some of the men are aggressive”, they say.

“When we are living together, everyone must respect each other and help each other. We have our own problems and we don’t need any more.This kind of bad behavior makes it more difficult to live our daily life,” the refugees say.

Response from the asylum department
New Times has contacted Jammerbugt Asylum Department which is the responsible organisation for the asylum center. The asylum manager, Birgitte Guldberg, says:

“It is correct that we do not use fencing at center Foldbjerg, which we do not use at any of our asylum centers. Center Foldbjerg has 110-120 residents housed in 4 separate houses. The 3 houses have single men accommodated while the last house has single women and families accommodated. All rooms have their own key and can be locked from the inside as well as it is possible to lock the front door of the house from the inside. Therefore there is no access for single men in the house where women and families are accommodated. In addition, women can lock the door to their own room,” she says and adds her comments about the theft:

“We can confirm that we have had a TV stolen in the common room at center Foldbjerg. We recommend our staff and the asylum seekers to lock the front door when they sleep to avoid theft. We are aware of the problem of missing outdoor lighting and we are about to solve it,” she explains before addressing the problems with the men on the center:

“We apologize if some men do not show respect for women and we hope that the women will contact the staff or alternatively the Residents Council. Now that we are aware of the problem we will examine with the Family House and the Residents Council if people feel safe and alternatively what can be done to solve the problem.”

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