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In this life, we often refer to the images that our eyes communicate to our brain, to infer a person’s personality. The outer appearance of a person, for instance his gait, his dress, his size, his eloquence, his entourage, his social status, all these markers taken into considerations lead people to hastened conclusions.

He is rich, so he has a good salary, he comes from a rich family; he is a hustler, he may grant credit, he has a nice house; that person can help or facilitate to have an appointment.


He is religious, so he surely takes good care of his partner.

He looks as an intellectual, so he is spoiled; he has no worries in life, he ‘ate’ the money from the State; this is the ‘key’ person to get a project approved, that person is maybe a politician or a businessman.

With his beard, he is probably a terrorist; we have to take care of that person maybe he has a strong personality. That person thinks only of clothes, he is a big spender and lazy.

She is married to a white guy, she used to be a prostitute; he is thin, he is not well fed, he suffers from AIDS, he is a junkie, he is a drunk.

This person is so dirty, he is poor, a farmer without harvest, he is crazy. This is a witch doctor, with no taste for life; he’s a coolie, he must always give way and leave his chair to the others;in the queue at the hospital, he is the last to see the doctor; he is not educated, looks like a thief; he will certainly not go back to his continent if he gets a visa to Europe or the U.S.

He is white, so he is rich and racist; he cannot share food with a black man, but probably likes prostitutes…

He is black, he has surely come to beg, he has more than twelve children, he has no sense of leadership; if he ever lived in our neighborhood we would not sleep because of his racket; he definitely beats up his wife; he never has time to talk with his children, because when he comes they all run to their rooms.

From the way he dresses, that person must be homosexual.

This is a waitress; she probably sleeps with anybody, because there arer no self-respecting waitresses.

He has a big belly, he is greedy, corrupt.

He speaks French, he is a bureaucrat, he never holds his promises.

He speaks English, he likes oil, he does not like Arabs, he is a braggart.

This is an Arab; he is surely a fraudulent master.

This is an Indian, a Turk or a Greek; so the store in the corner must be his.

He is German so he is wicked.

He is a Brazilian or a Cameroonian, so he is a good footballer.

Imagine what the world would be if all I have quoted above was true for everyone in this life! Allow me to say that we, as humans, are responsible for these tedious speculation and we are writing off the value of human beings by spending so much time measuring wages, of our wealth, the format of our cars instead of measuring the way in which we look at others with respect, dignity with great human quality.

We are in a blind competition and our hearts are driven by selfish ambitions that we have forgotten the true meaning of life.

However, certain judgments may prove to be true, but in that case, it is not decent to mock our fellow subjects, but must demonstrate a spirit of understanding and tolerance, because we do not know what the future holds for us.

Today people are more concerned with livelihood than with life itself. I think that happiness does not depend on material things, or physical beauty, nor on our family tree, but rather on the treasures hidden in the depth of our soul, this is where true bliss is found. Enjoying life is a feeling that comes from within and only by seeing this, can you taste its delights.

The timeless beauty of man cannot be compared to physical charms, because the first is eternal and the last is mortal. In conclusion, I would say that the personality of a man should not be defined by what we see on the outside but in a more beautiful, sensational, artistic, a more  humane way…

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