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Practitioner’s Guide

The aim of the VSI practitioners’ guide is to provide inspiration to involve young asylum seekers and refugees in volunteering.

The practitioner’s guide outlines a number of considerations and tips about what you can do as an organisation if you want to involve more young asylum seekers and refugees in volunteering in the organisation. The guide is split into two general parts.

First part
The first part is for reflection. Here the project experiences regarding challenges, wishes and opportunities are reviewed, especially for the young asylum seekers and refugees, but also for the volunteer organisations.

“Because of volunteering, now I know so many people. When I walk outside the asylum centre or in the city, many greet me and say ‘hi Sara”

(Young asylum seeker in Denmark)

The second part
The second part is for inspiration. Here you will find a number of points that can provide inspiration for the recruitment and introduction of young asylum seekers and refugees to volunteering.  The points are formulated as questions which are intended for further reflection on what you can do as an organisation in the various phases of involvement of the youngsters.

Each phase is supported by a case or quotes from participants in the project. Under each section in the various phases there is space for writing your own notes.

Lastly, the guide provides an appendix where you will find two examples of some of the exercises that were used in the project in Denmark and Scotland. The examples can be used to match the youngsters as volunteers with the right activity in your organisation.

VSI Praktikerguide - dansk-page-001
The Practitioner’s Guide in (Danish)


The Practioner's Guide
The Practioner’s Guide


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