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Podcast: “Suddenly the whole world burst into fire”

How a wealthy girl with a pink room full of teddy bears and a life with a private chauffeur got herself involved in smuggling medicine and weapons for the Syrian rebels.


Wedad (to the left on the picture) and Maha Dabbas are daughter and mother and just arrived in Scandinavia to seek asylum after fleeing the civil war in Syria. The family from Damaskus tells they were a wealthy family but got involved in rebel activities, and Wedad was no exception although her mother did not know the full story before they got to Denmark.

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Wedad got herself out of the bus at the checkpoint without getting caught. When the soldiers commanded her out of the bus she faked a severe stomach ache and screamed herself and her friends to a hospital.

Wedad and her mother Maha guested New Times as a part of a radio course in December 2014 – sharing with us this part of her story. At the time the Dabbas came by New Times the Syrian revolution against the ruler Bashaar al Assaad has lasted 3 years and costed hundred of thousands of people homes and lives.

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