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Photo contest for asylum seekers

New Times is inviting asylum seekers to participate in a summer holiday photo contest. All you have to do is to submit two photos about your asylum life. The two photos should show:

photographer (2)


– Something that makes you smile (one photo)

– Something that makes you angry (one photo)


The two winning entries will be published in New Times and receive a unique prize.

The winners will be announced on August 13th. Winners will be informed directly.

How to participate:
  • Send your two photos to newtimesdk@gmail.com during the contest period which is 28th June – 5th August.


  • Attach a short description for each picture.


  • If you take pictures of other people, make sure that you have their permission to publish their picture in New Times.


  • Tell us your name, your native country and which center you stay at. You can also add a telephone number so we are sure we can reach you.
  • Tell us if you wish your name not to be published with the photos.


  • You can use any camera for the contest. Also mobile cameras. You should choose a high resolution for your camera, as we will print the best photos in our coming magazine.


  • Each photo cannot be larger than 5 MB.

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