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The end of the workshop was marked by rewarding each participant with a diploma.

“Now I know what to do in the future”

The artist group “Art at Work” held a workshop teaching the participants how to present themselves in a professional context in Dianalund asylum centre.

By Sadik Baran

The artist group “Art at Work” consists of Zuki who is from South Africa, Leila who has Brazilian/Danish background, Brandon who is American and Peter who has Scottish/Danish background.

Creative focus
The workshop focused on teaching the participants how to introduce themselves in a professional context. They did this by doing creative exercises focusing on body language, tone of voice and lessons in how to bring out their competences and abilities in a professional context. The result of the workshop was a job plan, a CV and a video portraying their work related wishes and dreams.
During the workshop, which lasted for 5 days, the participants talked about their dreams, visions and stories. They talked about how it feels to belong to a community in a new country and what it means to be a world citizen. How one can be a world citizen but at the same time respect one’s original roots and language was also one of the discussion topics at the workshop. The participants used the outcome of these discussions to create a presentation about themselves. They all flourished during their presentations and learned a lot from the discussions and exercises at the workshop.

Presentation in front of an audience
On the last day of the workshop, the participants performed presentations, pictures, stories, poems, dreams and hopes in front of an audience consisting of local people and asylum centre employees in Dianalund. Their performances were received with applause from the audience. For many of the participants this was the first time they ever performed on a stage. When the workshop and the performances were over, one of the participants said: “It gave me a lot of confidence and now I know what do to in the future without a doubt”.

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