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“Now I can wear what I want”

“When I was 13 years old, I started to feel that I was different, but I wanted to keep on going like a boy because of my parents and the religious culture of my country, Colombia. I was married but I was secretly wearing my wife’s clothes at night once a month, which made me feel comfortable. I suddenly felt, I wanted to stop acting like a man and to live my life as I love. I got a divorce, but I am still a father for my son; he calls me “dad”. My son and I had bad moments in our lives, we were hearing people talk, and some were behaving badly with us. Now I am happy because I live among people who accept me as I am; I can wear what I want, and live as I want”

Aisha Caroline – 30 years old, asylum seeker.

Story made by: Hala

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