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New Times – Issue #88

Dear Reader

Frontpage December 2013

Another year has passed, and New Times is now celebrating its 18th anniversary. 18 years as the voice for asylum seekers in Denmark–we are very proud of that! But what is New Times? When did it start? And who runs it?

It all started in 1995 when an asylum seeker in Center Sandholm decided to produce a local paper that portrayed life as an asylum seeker. He named it New Times and one of the longest running projects in the Red Cross Asylum Department was born.

Got bigger
With the help from the Red Cross, volunteers and more asylum seekers, the local paper developed into a bigger magazine with news, investigative articles and other stories revolving around the issues of asylum, democracy and human rights.

Today, 2.500 copies of each issue are printed, which are widely distributed among subscribers in Denmark and other European countries. The magazine is sent to politicians, journalists, schools and libraries – and of course to asylum centers.

On top of the printed magazine, New Times is also publishing stories on its website (newtimes.dk) and on its Facebook page.

The team
The team behind the magazine is not the same for long. People come and go. Some are rejected asylum and travel back to their countries. Others get asylum (which is always celebrated in the office).

Today, at the time of writing, the editorial room is filled with 12 asylum seekers from such different places as Iraq, Kenya, Egypt, Bosnia, India, Afghanistan, Georgia and Algeria. There are three volunteers (two from America and one from France) and a Danish editor.

We all thank you for your interest in the voice of one of the most marginalized groups in our society. It is our hope and vision that the efforts we put into this magazine can help Danes understand the asylum seekers better – and  help the asylum seekers to a more informed waiting time in Denmark.

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