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New refugee cookbook

A new unique cookbook has just been released on the market in Denmark. It shares tasty recipes from female refugees’ home countries.

By: Eden

“The book is important, because it gives the possibility for asylum seekers to tell their story and present their country through the recipes in the book,” says Erica. Erica came up with the idea about the Sister’s Cuisine Cookbook together with another woman, Be Tka, last year. Both are helping in the Trampoline House through an internship. And both are connected to an activity in the Trampoline House called Sister’s Cuisine, where female asylum seekers and refugees meet every week to cook delicious food from their home countries.

The book represents refugee power
“The book is a supposed to show what it means to be a female refugee in Denmark. The book represents how refugees are powerful and it gives them the opportunity to combine the Danish culture and the refugees’ home country. The book includes the story about a refugee and about the country that they came from. And it includes recipes and descriptions of the way of cooking and eating in the refugee’s home country,” says Erica.

“The book gives the women living in the camp power and activities to do. The book makes Danes and asylum seekers taste different cuisines from different nationalities,” Erica explains.

Meet refugees through the food of their home countries. (Photo: Trampoline House)


The money will go to the Trampoline House
The money made on the book will go to support the work of the Trampoline House to create more opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees to be more active and to get them to share their experiences.

The name of the cookbook is “Sister’s Cuisine Cookbook: Recipes Without Borders”. The price of the cookbook is 99 kr. It can be bought in the Trampoline House and selected book shops or online here: https://www.trampolinehouse.dk/shop/

The book is printed in a Danish and an English version.

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