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New magazine out – Spring 2017

In this magazine we dedicate several of our pages to small portraits of some of the people who have arrived to Denmark to seek protection. By showing these portraits we hope to build bridge between the many newly arrived refugees and our Danish readers. We hope you will enjoy them and sit back with a better understanding of some the members of the group so often just described with the general term “refugees” or “asylum seekers”.

This magazine also provides you with an interview with a former staff member from the Immigration Service, who sheds light on the people on the other side of the desk during the asylum seekers’ interview. In other words; we bring you an interview with the interviewer.

And of course, our first magazine after the election of Trump for the presidency in USA, also comments on Trump. Read an interesting opinion piece by our senior staff member from Iraq who compares Trump’s fight with the media with Saddam’s control of the Iraqi media.

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