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Summer 2016

Dear Reader

One out of three asylum seekers are children. Imagine that. One out of three. Right now that means that more than 1.900 children are living in the Red Cross driven asylum centers. Often we hear about asylum seekers but rarely we hear from the asylum seekers themselves. And even more rarely do we hear from the children. How do they cope with asylum life? What do they think about the future?

We therefore decided to give a camera to some of the children in the asylum centers and asked them to take pictures of their daily life in their new temporary homes. The result can be seen in this magazine and on our – new and redesigned – webpage newtimes.dk.

In this magazine you can also see the inside of an asylum tent camp. There has been a lot of debate about the tent camps in Denmark, so we sent one of our journalists to the tent camp in Næstved that hosts around 360 asylum seekers.

There are many more stories in this magazine that we hope you will find time to read during this summer. If you finish this magazine and are looking for more asylum news you can catch up on our facebook page (facebook.com/newtimes.dk) or maybe try out the new asylum radio station The Bridge Radio. The radio is being produced by Danish volunteers and asylum seekers in the Trampoline House in Copenhagen. You can read more about the radio in this magazine too.

Thanks for reading and good summer to you all. Especially to all the children in the asylum centers.

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Robin Ahrenkiel El-Tanany

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