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New asylum radio in Denmark


The Bridge Radio aims to give asylum seekers a radio voice and invites all interested to workshops. New Times met the two Danish students behind the radio station.

By: Eden

Many asylum seeker’s voices do not reach regular people’s ears, but that is necessary, because many Danes do not know much about the life in the asylum camp. The Bridge Radio provide stories and information about the life as an asylum seeker and experiences with for examples smugglers and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Bridge Radio was started in the Trampoline House last year by Marie Northrup and Nanna Hansen. We met with them for an interview about the radio.


How many volunteers are working with you?
For now we are 10 people, and some asylum seekers also enjoyed our workshop. And we have comments from different countries like Germany and Denmark and other countries.

Do people like your programmes?
Yes, some of them even cry when they hear a story about crossing the Mediterranean Sea. A hard life of an asylum seeker touches the hearts of people who didn’t know much about asylum life before. We are working hard to be an international radio program and to reach ears in the European countries.

Do you think it will help asylum seekers if people knew more about their stories?
Yes, because if we try to let them know about asylum problems in different ways, some organizations will help. We also teach asylum seekers to make radio and how to speak and record voice.

Do you think asylum seekers will listen to the radio program?
We try to let them know about our program, and we also do the workshops in the Trampoline House. We interview people and make live programs so we try all the best. And we invite any who would like to share their story on the radio station.

How can you be contacted?
Our e-mail address is bridgeradio0@gmail.com and we work at Osramhuset Valhalsgade, 4, 2200 København N.



Listen to the radio station and find more information on their webpage: http://www.thebridgeradio.dk/ Information about workshops is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Bridge-Radio-1501079693526584/

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