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My Refugee shoes and My Refugee Clothes

Art exhibition in Trampoline House is heart touching

By: Eden


An art exhibition in Trampoline house opened in March and the art shows war, conflict and victims.

Five artists express their experience about the war in their home country and how the western media forgot the war or rejected to involve in the war to help people.

From all the art I was mostly touched by the artist Amel Ibrahimovic from Bosnia Herzegovina. He left his country during the war to come to Denmark and ask for asylum and his asylum was granted in 1993.

On the exhibition he shows the shoes and the jacket he wore when he was a teenager fleeing his home country.

His idea of shoes and jacket is like a memory of the time of war, leaving country, families and friends.


Address: Thoravej 7 2400 Copenhagen NV Denmark

Opening hours

Tues 1–8 pm

Wed 1–7 pm

1st Fri of the month 1 pm–12 am

Other Fri 1–8 pm (last Fri of the month closed)

Sat 2–7 pm (women only, last Sat of the month closed)

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