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“My dream is to become a police officer”


7-year-old Ali Armanuly is from Russia. He come to Denmark in 2012. “When I arrived at the asylum center I heard a lot of different languages. That was something new for me. And I thought ‘how will I communicate with friends by my language?’. But in the kindergarten I learned Danish very quickly“, he says.

“I also met some kids from my country and also Danish kids. So I did not feel bored. I don’t feel new in Denmark. I spend my daily life playing, going to kindergarten. My parents help me to read a book and writing. And I play football. I love very much Denmark because the kids care is better than in my country. For example I like summer camp. And summer trip.”

“When I was 6 years old we moved from our asylum center in Jutland to center Sandholm. Here it is a bit hard for me because I’m not send to Danish school. I’m going to Red Cross school. Most of the kids are not speaking Danish. They are new. It’s hard to understand each other and they are aggressive. When I come back from school I go to mini club. Here the teachers are very good and help us and play with us.”

“But around the center there is not much kids activity. Most of the time I’m home, especially in winter time and I play with my newborn brother. My dream is to become a police officer because I have to support anyone who needs help, and bring the bad ones to prison”

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