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Mukhtar Mohammed came to Denmark with terrible pain but did not get any help

Mukhtar’s Pain

Mukhtar Mohammed came to Denmark with terrible pain but did not get any help

Mukhtar Mohammed in Sandhold (photo Ahmed)
Mukhtar Mohammed in Sandhold (photo Ahmed)

By Ahmed

Mukhtar Mohammed is sitting in his chair in Sandholmlejren. He itch on his leg. Again and again. And again. Just under the knee. Where the screws bind the metal strip in his leg together.

“I feel itching and pain where the metal and screws are, but I don’t know what to do.”

When he came to Denmark as an asylum seeker the Red Cross scheduled a surgery for his leg. But the surgery never happened.

Mukhtar Mohammed, 32 years old from Somalia, fled his country on 2 September 2012 because he didn’t feel safe. It took him six days to reach Greece. One year after he came to Denmark. After awaiting his case for asylum, the answer of his case came back negative. The Immigration Service and Danish Refugee Appeals Board believe that the city he came from Marka is a safe place and therefore denied his case.

The accident
In 2004 Mukhtar Mohammed went to Saudi Arabia to find a better live. That year he was in a car accident and he got an infected wound in his leg. He had a surgery and the doctors put a metal strip in his leg. 16 days after the accident the Saudi Arabian government deported him to Somalia because he stayed illegally.

After many years of not feeling safe and without medicine to soothe the pain in his leg, he decided to go out of the country. When he came to Denmark the Red Cross send him to a hospital because of the leg. The doctor said: “We can see the metals inside your leg and we will schedule a surgery for you in May 2014.” Mukhtar Mohammed was excited to finally get rid of all his pain.

This is the x-ray of Mukhtar Mohammed leg

No surgery
At the time of the surgery, Mukhtar Mohammed was on the list of deportation.

He still thought he could get his surgery.

“I went to the health department in my centre and I reminded them that is was May and time for my surgery, but they said to me ‘we’re still waiting for the doctor’. After a week I came back to them but this time they told me clearly: ‘We don’t have any medicine for you and we will not do the surgery’. They did not want to tell me why,” Mukhtar Mohammed says.

Mukhtar Mohammed himself thinks that the delay of the surgery was due to his proceeding to phase 3. That they did not want to operate him because he was on the deportation list. Now he doesn’t know what to to.

“My case is negative so I have to leave but I can’t go back home because I don’t get enough medicine there.” Mukhtar Mohammed still hopes to get a surgery and to get rid of the pain in his leg.

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