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“Moving children affects them badly”

“We are just beginning to feel stable here, but they decided to move us again. I don’t care about me or my wife, but I care about my children. I have two, a 6 year old – he started school one week ago – and a 3 year old. They are just moving families from one place to another without concern of the children. These children each time have to change their school, friends, rooms, and environment in which they live, and that affects them badly. I left Syria to seek stability and escape from displacement from one place to another, but it’s our 6th center, we have moved to during one years. Nine month ago, I spoke with the supervisor in the center, and she gave me a promise – they will not move us anywhere else, and I hope they will respect the promise”

– Mohamed Baklro, 36 years old from Syria. Avnstrup asylum center


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