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Mother: “A piece of my soul stayed in Aleppo”

By: Hala

“I breathed with a sigh of relief when my son was able to get out of Aleppo with the help of an International agreement in December 2016. I came to Denmark almost two years ago, but I had to leave my two sons in Aleppo. I thought at that time ‘I don’t want to risk the death of my sons when they should cross the sea to the Greece”, so I came alone. I’ve got a temporary residence, and completed the reunification issue to bring my two sons. One of them managed come, but the other was trapped in Aleppo for about year. It was the toughest days of my life, when my son was trapped there. I couldn’t sleep. I was cooking food but couldn’t eat, because I thought: How can I eat when my son might not have food? I was spending a lot of time on the street and crying. I used to go to language school to keep myself busy, but I couldn’t focus. Thank God, he was able to reach Turkey peacefully. The embassy has told me, I will be able to see him after 4 months. When I left him, he was 15 years old, but when get to see him again, he will be 18. Maybe he has grown? He looks tall in the pictures he send me”.

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