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Many people showed up at the exhibition at Roskilde libary and read about the stories of the refugees.
Many people showed up at the exhibition at Roskilde libary and read about the stories of the refugees

Melanie portrays refugees in an exhibition

Melanie Kristina is one of the Danish volunteers who has tried to change the situation for the refugees in Denmark. Together with a group of volunteers, she has made an exhibition at Roskilde Library about refugees

By Sarah
The meaning of the exhibition is to show everyone why the refugees have come to Denmark. As Melanie Kristina explained, it was to show the realistic pictures of who the refugees are, through photos and small texts telling their stories.

In fact, Melanie Kristina came to me and asked me if she could make an interview with me, so I could tell her my story. Of course, I helped her and I told her about myself. She came to the asylum center in Roskilde and interviewed a lot of refugees.
She is working at Roskilde library and she wanted to make the exhibition there.

Wrong ideas about the refugees
She took a lot of photos of us which she used for posters. Then she organized the exhibition and the invitations for the Danish citizens.

The posters showed pictures of refugees with a text telling their story


A lot of people came and many of them were surprised because most of them did not know much about the refugees and had some wrong ideas about asylum seekers. Before the exhibition, the citizens of Roskilde had many wrong ideas about the asylum seekers living in Roskilde.
For example, many people thought that the refugees had come to Denmark because they wanted to receive money or to make some kind of fraud.
By making this exhibition Melanie Kristina changes these ideas and tries to improve the thinking about refugees and give explanations of the refugees’ situations.

Volunteers help refugees all over Europe
The exhibition is one out of many initiatives in Roskilde where many volunteers provide a lot of aid for refugees.
In many parts of Denmark people are trying to help the refugees to integrate into the society in many different ways. These people want to help the people who have escaped the war and make them live a happy life without fighting, collisions and victims. It’s about their future about their life and the future of their children. Many organizations, as well as private people, from countries all over Europe, are trying to find solutions to help.
Many volunteers have decided to do something. To reach out and help everyone who needs the help. This is done in many different ways.
It has nothing to do with religion or nationality or sect because this is humanity, and everyone can feel it when other people needs help.



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