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Iman works as a professional tailor

“I actually started with this work back home in Syria when I was 16 years old. It began when I heard, that there was a course where you could learn how to sew. There were a lot of girls participating in that course. And, because I am socially by nature and love being with other people, I joined to it. Three months later, after finished the course, my neighbor brought me a piece of old cloth that she had kept for a long time. She told me to sew dress for her. I designed and sewed it myself and it became a wonderful dress. So since that day, I have been practicing this work”.

“I have many things I want to do in the future. Like to get my own apartment close to Copenhagen. Now I live in a shared accommodation in Sorø, and it’s very far from my work place. I also want to get a full-time job. I have a part-time job now. I got this job in a famous fashion design shop in Copenhagen. My contact person in the municipality where I live helped me get the job after I had been an intern in the same shop for about a month. The shop owner is a gentleman, and my colleagues are very nice. That is why I still want to work in this place. To be able to work in a famous place makes me gain more experience through contact with many kinds of people. It also helps me learn the Danish language. I find great pleasure in my work. I don’t like just sitting at home without doing anything.

Iman Al-Shayah is from Syria.

(Story and picture by Hala)

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