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Since Manal Tahhan came to Denmark from Syria two years ago, she has tried hard to be a part of this new community with success.

I’m active in Denmark

Manal Tahhan is a Syrian woman who has worked with different jobs since she arrived in Denmark. She has been very active because she wants to improve herself in a new country.

By Sarah
Manal’s first step in Denmark
It is so important for everyone to survive in a safe place and try to live a good life. Manal Tahhan is a Syrian woman and she came to Denmark two years ago. She has tried many times to be a strong woman. In the beginning of her time in Denmark, her three kids were in Syria and she tried to get to see then. She wanted to make a family reunification in Denmark. She is from Damascus and she used to be a working woman which she liked. She has tried to reach a normal life in this new country in many ways. She always says: “I want to improve myself and I can pass all the challenges in Denmark”.
Manal is very active in Denmark and is participating in many activities.
The first step for her was in Red Cross where she worked as a translator from English to Arabic as a volunteer. After that, she has had internships in many different kinds of work.

Manal and Crossing Borders
She has always been thinking that she was in a strange place and that she had to be strong for her family. She felt in her homeland it was too difficult to improve herself but she felt that she could improve herself in Denmark.
She has tried to meet people in Denmark because she wants to integrate with them and the Danish community. That was also why she participated in Crossing Border. This organization allowed Manal to think of many kinds of ideas and it made room for her Middle East culture. She tells:

“Crossing Border is very open minded and it’s easy if you want to express your opinion and make many people all over the world share with you. Crossing Border supports my opinions and I received support for my activities. In addition, I  have traveled many times with my projects in Turkey and Amsterdam. I’m really happy with the CB team”.

Manal in UNHCR and UN
In fact, Manal participated in conferences about refugees’ rights and family reunification. It’s a very important subject for her and very encouraging. In addition, she traveled to the Danish island Bornholm where she participated in The World Refugees Day.
Manal likes this kind of conference and seminars because she meets a lot of people. At the same time, she is fighting for getting the Syrian people well integrated so they can reach important positions in the danish society on an equal footing with the Danes. 

“If you have energy and time you can do everything”, Manal Tahhan, Syrian woman

Challenging to start with
Of course, anyone who is coming to a new place will face many challenges and that is very difficult. Manal was especially feeling alone because before her kids came to Denmark they did spend their life in Syria without their mother for one year. That made Manal very worried. After the one year, her kids came to Denmark and she could finally see them and look after them. At first, she was looking for work and before her children came she felt alone and afraid.  She found the language very difficult and especially she found the culture very different from an eastern culture. That was very hard. 

Manal’s opinions
Manal has always wanted to be active and significant. Manal is thinking that in Denmark you can to do many things, and that it’s easy and important to integrate. Manal is very social and she likes to speak with all kinds of people. For example, she gathers people from different cultures over a dinner.
Manal always says: “If you have energy and time you can do everything. It’s a very important thing that you are social and make many relationships in a new society“.

Right now I’m in Denmark
Manal wants to look after her children and follow their education. She is grateful for the Danish people’s kindness and sees them as very nice. She has decided to be even more active because right now she is in Denmark.


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