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“I want a ship so I can help children cross the sea”

“My name is Sana and I’m from Iran. I am 8 years old. I came with my dad to Denmark one and half year ago, and now we live in Holte municipality. I like Denmark and go to school everyday. I found a lot of friends in school, and I’m learning Danish now. Danish language is a bit difficult for me, especially the sounds of the consonants and vowels.
I like Denmark because people drive very slowly, and they respect children when they want to pass the street. In my country, people always drove very fast, and I was scared to pass the street or go out with my dad. I have two wishes for when I grow up. I want to buy a very big ship with several beds inside, so I can help children who want to pass the Mediterranean sea. In my ship, they can relax and sleep.
When dad and me passed the sea, it was so scary and I was so afraid because we traveled in a small rubber boat. I would also love to become doctor and help sick children who live in the asylum center. I have asthma and know how difficult it can be to be sick.
Also, I would like to help my dad when I grow up. I can understand how many problems and difficulties my father has, but I can not help him now. I am just a child.”

(As told by Sana to Danial)

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