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“Human traffickers told us to leave our child behind to die”

Hasan is 34 years old and married to 28-year-old Zahra from the Parwan Province of Afghanistan. With their two daughters they survived a dangerous journey to Denmark.

By Naseem

“In 2015 I called my family and asked them to come to Turkey, then I would join them and go to Europe,“ Hasan says. His wife started her journey along with 16 years old disabled Ibrahim, who is Hasan´s younger brother. From Pakistan to Iran they faced thieves which were burning people’s hair with cigarettes. They were kidnapped and had to pay money for releasing them. Finally they were close to the Turkish border. They walked 12 hours on mountains to arrive to Turkey where Hasan´s brother Ibrahim sadly disappeared. He has still not been found up to this day.

Search for lost brother
When Hasan’s family arrived to Turkey, he asked  the coyote (human trafficker) about his brother. The coyote was the one Hasan had paid money to in order for his family to be brought up to Greece. The coyote replied that his brother was arrested by the Iranian Police, but that he would soon be reunited with the family.

They waited for  ten days in Turkey for his brother. But he did not show up. Then he decided to leave towards Greece to wait there. On the way to Greece, their boat nearly sank but fortunately they survived.

Hasan kept looking for his brother for another six month, but unfortunately, he hasn’t found any information about him yet.

They spent six months of waiting. “We left Greece and started traveling towards Macedonia. Here, we spent five days and nights at the border without having even a tent to save our kids from the cold. The human traffickers were recommending me and my wife to either leave or kill my daughter because crossing the border with a child is very difficult. He argued that we are still young and can plan for another when we arrive at our targeted country. They were offering sleeping pills to the kids to keep them quiet. But finally, after five days, we paid money to the police in order to cross the border”, Hasan says.

90 hours of walking
Crossing the border between Macedonia and Serbia resulted in 90 hours of walking, and again the family faced thieves. Then from Hungary to Austria, there were a few families who were brought in a kind of container normally used as a fridge. They couldn’t have enough oxygen in it, and they didn’t see anything on the way to Austria.

Now Hasan and his daughter who is 4 years old have mental issues. They suddenly start crying.

They are disappointed with the Danish Immigration system taking a very long time, but they are hoping for Denmark to offer them a chance for a better life.

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