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Going back to the stone age

On a cold day, a trip to the historical city Lejre proved to be heartwarming

By Agha Muhammad Mobeen

On Sunday,  March 10th at 8.00 am, I got message from Ravika, a volunteer who arranges events at weekends for us camp fellows: at 2.00 pm she would come  to take us to  Lejre Museum and Castle. I told my friends to get ready for the trip.

Sunday Brunch At Munkholmen
It was quite sunny but such a windy freezing cold day and  I expressed my doubts that there would be many joining us. I was proved right; only Ali, Kamiar, Suma, Razia, and Jilal came too. Ravika drove the seven of us in a van to a very beautiful picnic point, Munkholmen. There was a kiosk with brunch there. Ravika offered everybody a warm meal. We stayed for about 40 minutes and enjoyed the food, nature, each other and our whole existence.

Lejre Museum
We drove on to Lejre museum which is housed in an old, traditional building where we were welcomed by the director of the museum, a young Dane called Mikkel, who is an archaeologist. He took us to see a model of Old Lejre. The model could light up to highlight the remains.  Mikkel told us that Lejre is one of the oldest cities in Denmark and that it goes back to the Stone Age. I was really so impressed the way that the historical antiques were displayed. We remained in the museum for about one hour and then left to visit the real remains, not far away.

The old Danes looked something like this. Photo: Lejre Museum

Lejre Castle to Ravika’s Stable
We reached Lejre Castle, a 15 minute drive from Lejre Museum. It wears a typical grand look of a castle; at the entrance there is a big iron gate; passing through it you can see that the big buildings are constructed of large, cubic stones. We were not able to explore for very long as we had little time left. However, Ravika´s stable was so close that we took the opportunity to visit it. I was so happy to see she has an Icelandic horse and two other horses.

This trip ended up with everyone in a happy mood. Many thanks to Ravika.

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