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Get Balanced With yoga

By doing yoga for fifteen days, you can reduce stress and gain new energy.

The lives of asylum seekers are full of uncertainties, hopelessness, upheavals and stress. Consequntly, asylum seekers become prone to mental stress, depression, insomnia, and anguished behaviour. Our motivation for writing this article is to spread awareness about yoga among asylum seekers. This is because as yoga is a combination of exercises, meditation and a prescribed life style and it can be a key factor in reducing mental stress.

Inestimable wisdom 
The word yoga is the English version of the word ‘yog,’which means ‘balance’ in an ancient Indian lingo, ‘Sanskrit.’ Yoga is an inestimable wisdom developed thousands of years ago by the ‘vedic’ culture in India.Yoga is not merely a set of physical exercises, but is everywhere in our everyday life. It includes physical exercises, meditaion, and a daily lifestyle.

Ease mental stress
As we know, ‘a healthy brain exists in a healthy body.’ Since yoga is combination of both physical exercise and meditation  it can play major role in keeping our brain intact. Therefore yoga is extremely beneficial to those trying to overcome various mental disorders.

Yoga is quite an easy process to adopt in routine life. One can start to practice yoga at any age with easy and comfortable exercises. ‘Suryapranaam’ is one of these spectacular exercises, which is highly recomended by yoga experts. It will help you to start your day full of zeal and excitement, and keep your attention and presence of mind intact throughout the day.

‘Suryapraanam’ means ‘morning obedience to the sun.’ It is always recomended in yoga that one should rise as early as possible in the morning, at least before sunrise. To perform ‘suryapraanam,’ one should rise and be refreshed before sunrise. It is highly beneficial to be in a place where you can see the the dawning sun, but if this is not possible, any finely clean and ventilated place where you can have a glimpse of the morning sunrays is adequate.

To perform‘suryapranaam,’ follow these simple steps:
1) Sit on the ground facing towards the dawning sun, with both legs folded and keeping feet over opposite thighs.

2) Keep your spinal cord straight and precisely vertical to the ground.

3) Keep your hands on your knees, palms facing upward. The index finger should be touching the thumb.

4) Look at the emerging fresh, orange coloured sun with absolute thankfulness and gratitude.

5) Close your eyes very slowly, keeping this image of the dawning sun at the center of the mind. Remove all kinds of thoughts from the mind absolutely, and fill your mind with immense gratefulness for the sun. Take long deep breaths very slowly. Just dedicate yourself to the sun for another fifteen minutes.

This exercise or process is highly beneficial, and can reduce mental stress, insomnia, depression,and frustration. ‘Suryapranaam’ is highly recommended by yoga experts and can help you start the day with great excitement, charm, and will keep your mind intact. Anyone can feel the differnce in his or her mental status and general behaviour in just fifteen days by following ‘suryapranaam’ sincerely.

Photos: Tania

The Balance

According to yoga, our anatomic body is composed of five fundamental elements: water, earth, fire, air, and space. The balance between these fundamental elements is incredibly accurate and delicate in proportion. The purpose of yoga is to keep this balance maintained. As long as our body is in a state of balance with these five fundamental elements, we are healthy, joyful, and blissful. On the other hand, whenever there is even a little unbalance, we are unhealthy, uneasy, and sad.

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