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Fun Wednesday nights at Kongelunden Center

Kirstine works as a volunteer at Kongelund. She enjoys talking to the asylum seekers living at the centre. Photo: Mahmoud

By Mahmoud

Kirstine is 28 years old, a project designer and artist, and she has been volunteering at the wednesday café at Kongelund for about 1,5 years.

“It was a part of a project called Ghettoblaster. We were a group of people doing radio podcast with asylum seekers at Kongelund. We came every wednesday to make interviews and we also did some workshops. We started to get relations with people, and we just had fun. It was nice to come here, and then I just continued. We are a nice group of volunteers helping establish the wednesday cafe with people here at Kongelund. It is always nice to come.”

How do you feel about asylum seekers?
They are really nice and very helpful and grateful when we do the wednesday café. They always have good ideas about what to do and entertainment. We bake cakes, make music, have really good conversations and just have a good time.

Can you explain the activities?
At the wednesday café normally we just turn the place to a café. It is a café to hang out in, just relaxing, having conversations, drinking coffee, eating fruit and cake. We play some games, different kinds of games. Sometimes we watch movies, play music and sing. Sometimes we go to the city to see some exhibitions and concerts. So we have some trips out of Kongelund.

Can you explain more? Do you like it?
I like it a lot. It is always fun to be here. Every café is always different because we do something different. There are new people sometimes and also old people. It is a good occasion to meet new people and welcome them here. Mostly the wednesday café is only for adults. It’s a really good time to just talk to each of the asylum seekers. Sometimes there are also children, like today, they like to come. It’s fun with a lot of people together. From 7-8 there are children and from 8-9 it is only adults. At 9 we close and clean up together, and the volunteers take the bus together back to Copenhagen.

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