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“When I saw my daughter for the first time I decided that she will not grow up in Pakistan”. This is Robert’s story about coming to Denmark in 2009 with his family. When you read this, they have probably been deported.

Forced Deportation

When you read this, me and my family have probably been deported to Pakistan

By: Robert

I am 35 years old. When I got married in 2008 my wife and I faced a lot of problems. One of the most dangerous 19124172211_cc584e234b_omoments of my life was when I was wrongfully accused by a very powerful man for attempted murder a crime that I did not commit. I was jailed for two weeks without permission to see my family.

After that we decided that we should try to get out of the country, because once a person’s name is in the police system, it is very easy for them to trace you and they can come into your home anytime they want and can arrest you for any crime they want.

After five months of this incident my wife gave birth to our lovely and precious daughter. When I saw my daughter for the first time I decided that she will not grow up in Pakistan, and I made a promise to myself and to her that she should not live the life her mother or father lived.

We finally got some money together and applied for a visit visa to Denmark and after three or four excruciating months our prayers were answered and we got our visas from the Danish embassy Islamabad. I had done some research on the website before we applied and it said that you could not apply for a visit visa from Pakistan. But we had faith in the Good Lord that there would be a good outcome and sure enough there was.

I was on my motorbike going to get some groceries when I got a call from the embassy and this person told me to come to the embassy and collect our passports. I told my wife we are going to Denmark we both started crying with happiness thinking that all our problems were at its end but what did I know that our problem were just beginning.

We came to Denmark in September 2009. We went to Sandholm and applied for asylum. We gave in all our documents because I was told that Denmark really appreciates the truth and honest people and they would help us since we are Pakistani Christians. We applied for asylum and after two or three months we got our first negatives and then our case went into the Danish Refugees Applies Board.

We got our second negative after two and half years of being in Denmark they gave us 2 weeks to leave the country and go back to Pakistan. My lawyer took our case and applied to the United Nations CEDAW on my wife’s behalf our case was accepted there again, but after two years we got bad news yet again that we had to leave the country, but my lawyer still had so much faith in our case that he did not giving up now we have our deportation date on July 4th, 2015.

We had made many friends from different countries since 2009. My daughter and son who was born in 2011 growing day by day, but all they have are memories of their friends, as they come and go, because they either get their permission to stay or get deported or get moved to another camp.

We have been living in a jail that we called home, but I really don’t care if we have to stay the rest of our lives in the camps, as long as we are not sent back. All I ask of you who are reading this is: Please pray for us no matter where we are in Denmark or back in Pakistan. The reason I came here to Denmark was because I heard that Denmark was the place where you could find hope and humanity. Were a person’s life meant something but sadly after spending so many years here I have realized that no such place might not exist.

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