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Residents complain about lack of security in asylum center

Residents in the Foldbjerg Asylum Center in Jutland have contacted New Times because of concerns about their asylum center By Eden “There is no fence surrounding us, no security guard and a big tv in the kitchen was stolen.” say residents Midas and Mamo. Midas and Mamo are from Syria …

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All Mosul asylum cases are put on hold

Since the 3rd of March, the Danish Refugee Board has decided to put cases from Mosul on hold. New Times has met some of the asylum seekers from Mosul, who express their despair about this decision By: Hala I’m from Mosul, and when I talk to my relatives there, they …

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Minors on the run meet students at Grundtvig Folk School

Meetings In a Box is a creating art project which is initiated in cooperation between Red Cross, Center Gribskov, Grundtvig Højskole and the NGO ‘Alverdens Børn’. 12 minors on the run met with 10 students at Grundtvig Folk school, in Danish Højskole, in order to create art together. By Marion …

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