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Four minutes eye contact is an intense experience (Photo: Michael Bang)

Eye contact with a refugee

Imagine having four minutes uninterrupted eye contact with a complete stranger in silence. And then imagine one of the people is a refugee. And the other is Danish. This was the project of Amnesty International at this year’s Roskilde Festival aiming at bringing people together

By: Mila

Mustafa, refugee from Iraq, says: “I went there and sat down with a guy who was looking very Danish. Blue eyes and blonde hair. I didn’t know anything about him but I could feel he was not comfortable in first two minutes but then he was very calm. In the silence I was wondering what he was thinking about me.”

Rasmus, 20-year-old Danish guest at the festival, says: “I have tried it before with my girlfriend and we made it to five minutes. I think the silence and eye contact gives time to think about the person in front of you. It is a good  project because I do not think that we are getting the right picture of refugees from media. I think it was nice to set there with him without talking. It was hard to concentrate in the start but you get used to it. I was thinking about who he was and actually I was looking forward to hear more about him.”

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