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Expectations for upcoming rights to work?

Our New Times journalist in Center Jelling, Jean-Francois, has asked asylum seekers about the upcoming new rights:
What are your expectations for the upcoming agreement about asylumseekers and their rights to live outside the centers and being able to get a job?
Andrew Kangume
I’m hoping that the decisions coming from the government about asylum seekers starting to work will be positive. Because when you are working you do not think too much. It will help us to afford some things that are not budgeted to only food. I could also buy different things in the city.
Kulwinder Singh
I think it is a good idea, paper work is good work. Working near my house would be my expectation.


Abdulahi Adrimi
I feel glad, i’m waiting for that decision. Life would be better because I would be less limited. I will be in peace in my own house, away from the centre.

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