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Europe Discovering Itself

You are probably reading this article on your laptop or desktop. In your pocket, I am sure you have a mobile phone – this is the information age, my friend! Have you ever wondered how life was before computers and all current technologies came around? This is what the “Europe Meets The World” exhibition at the National Museum in Central Copenhagen is all about. The exhibition opened its door to the public on the 7th of January and runs until the 3rd of June 2012.

You will be taken back in time. First, to a time when man (and woman too) relied on stone for farming, housing, hunting and other uses. Next comes the bronze age. Today, bronze is a precious metal, and if you are an athlete you aim for gold, silver, or at-least bronze. In the bronze age, human beings used copper and its mixture of bronze to make artifacts and tools of trade.

Where were you 10,500 years ago? Well, it is hard to imagine, but this exhibition introduces you to the remains of the oldest known Dane, the woman from Koelbjerg on Fionia, whose remains date back 10,500 years. You may also be interested in knowing how silver from the Arab World made its way to Europe. The information is all here.

If you have not watched the blockbuster Pirates of Caribbean, you may have heard about the present day pirates of the Indian Ocean. Thousands of years ago, a different breed of pirates were running the show. Today, Scandinavians are ironically very proud of their viking heritage of conquering and piracy. If you are not Scandinavian, you might have reservations about these praises to the vikings, but before judging too fast, visit the museum.

Lastly, the exhibition is ”gratis”, free of charge.

Opening hours
January 7th 2012 – June 3rd 2012, Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm
The National Museum of Denmark
Ny Vestergade 10, Copenhagen
Free admission

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