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Escape from Homeland

Upon the murder of his father, a ten years old boy flees from his country to save his life. And future.


By Agha Muhammad Mobeen   

Afghanistan. Nabi Faizi was 10 years old, and his father was murdered by one of his relatives, who was closely associated with the Taliban. The murderous relative forced Nabi Faizi and his married elder sister to flee to Iran to save their lives. They settled there in one of Iran´s cities, Jajrood. A mountainous place 40 km east of Tehran. Nabi Faizi’s brother-in-law took him to a welder´s shop, where he was taught to weld. He learned and worked there about 11 years and was given shelter and food.



Journey For Better Life
Nabi´s brother-in-law managed to collect enough money to send him to Greece with a human trafficker. Nabi Faizi went along with 200 other people from Tehran to Turkey. On foot. During this journey they walked all night and used the day to sleep.  Each person had only the food he could bring with him, and the sick were left behind to fend for themselves.

It took them seven days to reach Nine (a city in Turkey). There, they were given fake passports and boarded a bus. In Turkey, they were accommodated in a small room. Ten persons per room. And they stayed there for three days. Then late one night, Nabi Faizi boarded a small boat together with four other people, and they sailed for eight hours over the wild waves of the sea where they nearly reached Greece, before getting stopped by a patrolling police boat and taken to a nearby station. They were interrogated and their biometrics recorded. Then they were taken to a refugee camp.

Voyage To Athens
After three days Nabi Faizi managed to board a big boat which sailed to Aate Ki, just outside of Athens.  Here he met an Afghani fellow named Sakhi, who helped him find a job in the informal  economy as a mechanic. He stayed in Athens for about three and half year and was able to save some money.

Visit To Denmark
Nabi met a travel agent, who took 2000 Euro from him and prepared all travel documents and he flew to Denmark. He met an Afghani fellow, who took him to his  house and the very next day left for Norway.

Seeking Asylum In Norway
Nabi stayed with a Pakistani fellow there in Norway for six months. Later he applied for asylum and when his thumb impression was traced in Greece, he was asked to leave Norway voluntarily, or else be deported. He again came back to Denmark by coach.

Applied Asylum In Denmark
Nabi Faizi went to Sandholm and applied for asylum. Its been more than 3 years now he has been living a camp life and denied asylum two times by the immigration service.

Future Hope
If he is granted asylum here in denmark, he would like to become a motor mechanic , Nabi  says, so he could contribute something positive towards Danish society.


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