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Soldier in Afghanistan

Escape from Afghanistan’s Horror to reach peace

Darwish, who’s young, full of energy, well educated and well experienced is forced to leave Afghanistan to save his life. He has started the journey to Europe, and we have met him to talk about why he fled Afghanistan.

By Naseem

Darwish has a dream about getting a good life in a beautiful country where he can see a possibility of doing what he wants. Also by using energy and doing good work on his own capacity, he will have the opportunity of this imagined future. In Afghanistan, Darwish was subject for at great security threat and couldn’t feel sure about his life.

Darwish has not only spent money to reach Europe but also passed through the game of either having a better life or death. Darwish had 15 days of waiting in crossing border from Iran to Turkey, 32 hours of walking and facing hunger, living in tents around three months in a cold weather, but he also feel lucky compared to thousands of other refugees, because before going to Greece he had two weeks reluxe in Turkey in a very nice house.

The most difficult moment in Darwish’s life was saying goodbye on Wednesday 18th of March 2015 to his family, especially to his father and mother. “I still can hear the crying sounds”, Darwish says.

Why people escape from Afghanistan
I have asked myself and Darwish, what could be the reasons behind for the Afghans to leave their country? Some of the reasons that I have in mind could be Terrorism and Taliban. But I don’t think they are main reasons. There are many other reasons along that. One of them is lack of mental and physical security and daily threats – a day without explosion and suicide is considered a good day in Afghanistan. Social factors or social injustice are also reasons fleeing Afghanistan. One of them is pollution. Every year thousands of people die of polluted air. Meanwhile, use of various weapons in Afghanistan also granted various health problems to our people. Furthermore, the future is an unclear image for all Afghans, due to formation of government. Power is in hands of tyrants and thieves. The current rulers are trying to bring sons which represent the continuation of extremism in Afghanistan, so that there would be less chance for those who can help their country. Corruption has become a culture. Lack of strategy or plan of employment, lack of higher education opportunity for youth high school graduated, are the most important factors that needs attention.

Taliban claiming even more power in Afghanistan
I asked Darwish that, since there is a government, how does Taliban claim power and get stronger compared to two years back? He came with several reasons. Since there are 1300 km border with Pakistan, open borders has given the best opportunity to intelligence organization of Pakistan (ISI) to easily send Taliban fighters to Afghanistan to undermine the Afghan government.
Meanwhile, the Taliban were strengthened because of a very long and fraudful election between two candidates. Most important than all was the appointing of incompetent people like thieves and childs of Jihadi commanders in the major security seats. At the same time the relation and political cooperation between India and Afghanistan grows deeper which is not tolerated by Pakistan as Pakistan considers India as an enemy.

Though Darwish have had a difficult camp life, he will never give up. He is thinking positively about his future.

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