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The difference between Ramadan at home and in Denmark

The Muslim asylum seekers celebrate Ramadan in the asylum center away from their families. New Times met with two asylum seekers and had a talk with them about the difference between Ramadan in Denmark and in their home countries. By Hala Amal from Kuwait Amal is 42 years old and …

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Seek free legal counselling to understand the asylum system

Many asylum seekers are confused about the Danish asylum system before the first interview with the authorities. Luckily there are places where asylum seekers can seek useful advice. New Times visited one of them, the Trampoline House in Copenhagen By Daniel Søren Rafn is the counseling coordinator in the Trampoline …

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Abdiwahab melts into the Danish society with his talent

16 year old Abdiwahab takes advantage of his talent to integrate in Denmark. In 2016 he won North Zealand Championships in street football. Now he is training other asylum seeker children while he is waiting for the decision from the Immigration Service. By Mila Everyone in the asylum center Gribskov …

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