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Do not close your door

My name is Eden and I’m an asylum seeker in Denmark. I have been in Denmark since 2011. I would like to share my long time waiting in the asylum camp, and how I make myself keep strong. All the time, If we keep our door close and stay inside the house, then we don’t know what is changing our future. We have to open and see the difference between out and in. Keep our hope up as we see the bright light out of our door.

By: Eden

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It is important for asylum seekers to open their door and let the light in


Making myself busy
I always make myself busy because I don’t want to think all day and night about the things that stress me. The life in asylum center is so boring and stressed at the same time, and we don’t have any activities to do in some of the centers where I lived.
I have a practice job in Copenhagen three days a week, for Red Cross’ magazine New Times. Since I work there I feel like I have a normal life. I am always deeply sad when I see many young asylum people spend their time doing nothing. I always ask myself why Danish government don’t let us work- even for free- because time is gold. Many young people are waiting a very long time in the centers. I know that these people struggle with a lot of problems and it’s very hard to find the solution to solve the problems. Sometimes we feel like giving up and end our lives, but that is not a good decision, because we came to Europe with good health and strong hope. I know that is has not been our expectations. The only thing we have to is try not to fall in bad way. Because all the time we shouldn’t have to be hopeless, otherwise it’s very easy to lose your mind. You can become a target to be drug addict or an alcoholic. That is very dangerous and it is no good for your future. So take care not to do those things.

My experience for other asylum
I know life is very hard if you are rejected and spend all your time in a center. But as much as possible we have to keep our health well. And if you believe in God, please pray for him to give you hope and to be strong. Because tomorrow is another day. Know we do not see anything except dark in our life. But one day will be light, so we have to keep our spirit strong. Not to fall in badly.
For me every place in Denmark I visit is so gorgeous and beautiful. I’m so interested to go everywhere but the problem is the transport is expensive. I have been to some places like south in Lalandia Rodby. Helsingør northwest, and most of Copenhagen cites and round. I really love it all and I love Denmark.
All the time I try to go out of the center. Especially for me Helsingør the is best place. I visit Helsingor once a month. During summer time it’s every week. I really feel good.Helsingør is a  place with lovely nice view and the sea, Kronborg castle, beach and ferry sail for 20 min. From  Helsingor to Helsingborg, Sweden.
Every asylum centers surrounding it will be some nice places for free like museum, castle, forest, beach. So find a friend and enjoyed the time especially during summer time. Don’t close your door and think negative.


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