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A Kurdish-Iranian family was beaten, humiliated and denied food and water in the custody of the Hungarian police. Now Denmark will send them back

Denmark sends family back to brutal police in Hungary

A Kurdish-Iranian family endured beatings, humiliations and denial of water and food under Hungarian police’s custody. Now Denmark will send them back to Hungary

Why is it ok to send them back to the Hungarian police?

By: Negar

All refugees asking for protection in Europe need to have their case processed in the first EU member state of EU they come to.

Even though that country offers inhumane, brutal conditions for asylum seekers.

That means that a relatively high number of refugees who reach Denmark are being forced to go back to countries where they have faced inhumane conditions and beatings.

The Kurdish-Iranian family consisting of F. Mohamadi his wife M. Nasiri and their daughter M. Mohamadi shares their fear with New Times. They tell their story from their room in the asylum center Avnstrup in the center of Zealand.

Can you describe your travel from Iran to Hungary?
“It was very hard. After four to five days of walking in mountains and forests with problems like freezing cold weather, snow, rain and so much hunger and thirst that my daughter was eating snow from thirst and sleeping on the snow because of exhaustion.”

What happened when the police caught you on the border?
“The last night after nine hours of walking in the rain – it was about midnight – some lights got turned on on us and we heard many screams. We were frightened that it was thieves. Suddenly we saw that they were actually police. They arrested us and kept us for several hours there. Under the rain. Then they brought cars and took us to a garage-like place.”

What happened there?
“We did not know where we were because we do not speak any languages and we could not read. They just took us to that place in such disrespectful behaviour. They treated us really bad. You could tell from the way they talked and from the look on their faces that they were cursing and swearing at us. There were huge tents there which were torn and filthy. The blankets were so dirty, full of lice and smelled like urine. The roof was leaking. They took us for taking photos. They made fun of us and laughed at us. They were pushing us and we started crying from exhaustion, cold and hunger. During the two nights we were there, they did not give us any food or water. They did not even let me dry my daughter’s clothes. She was so scared that she peed in her pants. Then they separated my husband from me and my child.

The second night they took us for fingerprints. We did not want to go, because we did not know where we were and why they wanted to take our finger prints. Then they beat my husband so much in front of me and my daughter. My daughter shouted and screamed and cried out loud so much that the police turned and slapped her face so hard and threw her to the wall. Later they forcefully took our fingerprints.

They were harassing the women and girls so much. Me and my daughter were scared to go to toilets, as we had to go with their company. So my daughter peed in her pants again. Next morning – with the same wet, dirty and muddy clothes and hungry and thirsty –  they boarded us on a bus and took us to somewhere and then they left us there.

My daughter fell asleep in the street corner. Later we started our journey with the smuggler and after about four or five days we reached Denmark and seeked asylum.”

How do you feel now?
“We are so frustrated and depressed. Especially when we see how it has affected our daughter. It makes us even sadder. Every night she has nightmares. She talks and shouts while sleeping and wets her bed. When I ask her what did you see in your nightmare, she says I see those hungarian police are beating you and dad and they take me with force too.

Our daughter is so much damaged and says; I will never go back to there (Hungary). I will rather live on the streets in Denmark and suffer from the cold  and hunger to death but not go back to there. We are very worried about her. She has suicidal thoughts and we are scared that she would harm herself.”

What do you think will happen if you go back to Hungary?
“First of all we will be imprisoned. Secondly we will lose our daughter because she keeps saying I will never go back there not even in my dreams, maybe my dead body will. If you force me to go I will take my life there. And thirdly because we have had political problems with the government and as Hungary is in good relations with Iran they will probably deport us back to Iran.”

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