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Denmark makes it easier for Syrians to get asylum

A besieged district in eastern Aleppo, on December 6, 2012. . Photo: Javier Manzano/AFP/Getty Images

It is very rare that the Refugee Appeals Board, Flygtningenævnet, eases the rules for asylum. But on September 18th the Board decided to give asylum to Syrians from the most war-torn parts of the country.

In effect, the rule change means that people from areas where civilians are in the most danger will no longer need to prove they are persecuted personally in order to seek asylum.

“The situation in Syria has deteriorated significantly in the past few months, although not all areas of the country are equally affected by the conflict,” Flygtningenævnet wrote in a press release. “Flygtningenævnet finds that the conditions in certain areas of Syria are currently of such a character that people would be in real risk of suffering human rights violations, according to the European Human Rights Convention’s Article 3, by simply being present in those areas.”

Read more about the change of rules here


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