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The court told me to go back to my home country. I feel lost now

The day my dreams crashed

The court told me to go back to my home country. I feel lost now

By: Kazhal

Woman waiting. Painted by Kahzal
Woman waiting. Painted by Kahzal

The answer from the judges about my asylum case was negative.

I remember the day that I left my family and my home country in the hope of a better life. At that time I thought life was better elsewhere. I said goodbye to my dearest persons in my life my mom my dad and my friends. I was hopeful but today I am not.
Now I spent day and night in bitterness during two years of waiting. But the result was terrible for me.

Life before Denmark
At twenty-seven years old, I decided to make a documentary program with a group. The documentary was about the different religions in the country. The government was not happy about the documentary. Me and a friend were hiding from the government for two months but everybody else in the group were arrested. In my country there is no freedom of speech.
One day we were sad to say goodbye to our families and homeland forever.

Where do I go?
A few days after the verdict in Denmark the police sent me a letter about my deportation back to my country. I went to the police station to be ready to return to my country. My lawyer called me and said that I do not have the physical condition to return because I am pregnant.

Now I feel lost. I am lost in the world. I can’t go back home but I don’t have permission to stay in Denmark.



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