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Complaints about access to the donations in Sandholm asylum center

Some residents of Sandholm are complaining about the access to the popular donations in the second hand shop. New Times has contacted the responsible person from the shop to get some answers

By Eden

One month ago I met some people in Sandholm, who have lived there for more than one year. They have been noticing that Danish people bring a lot of attractive things to the second hand shop like electronics, games, things for the kitchen, and some other nice new things. But they never get them. Years ago all the things were put like in a bazaar where everyone could come and get things easily, but that changed somehow. Now I, and the people who have complained to me, think we need to go back to that system since the current way isn’t working. 

In need of common ground rules
People wait in line for a very long time to get the nice things, but it often feels like it is the person in the frontline who gets all the popular stuff. We all want to have the nice things like computers, games, dvd and so on for our children, as we don’t have the money to buy it from the regular shops.

The activity leader, and volunteer, of the second hand shop, Saeeda Rahimi, explains how they give things for residents in Sandholm:

“We try to help everyone, and we do not put all the donations on the shelves in the beginning of the day, but fill up through out the day so late comers can also get the attractive donations. Also we restrict the number of donations so each person can only take around five items. But we know that there is still not enough for everyone”, Saeeda Rahimi says.

Back to the open bazare every month
The second hand shop volunteers have made a solution for the future: all the things in the shop will be available for everyone at the same time.

“For the future we’ll try to open the second hand shop like a bazaar every month with all the things and people have easier access to the things”, Saeeda Rahimi says.