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Center Sandholm resident is worried after theft

The door has now been secured with an iron plate to make it more difficult to force open

At Christmas Day an unknown person broke into a Somalian woman’s room in Sandholm


Her name is Fatuma Ahmed. She has lived in the center more than one year with her four children.

“That day I was visiting my friend’s house and when I came back I saw my door was open but I thought

I had forgot to close it. But then I see the door is broken. Inside my room all things are on the floor. They had taken the necklace of gold. The one my husband bought me a month ago,” Fatuma explains.

On that day three rooms had been suffering from thieves.

“How can there be three houses broken into on the same day? Even us, the Sandholm residents, check in every day from the entrance. The police car is around two or three times a day, and the security guard is around. How can we believe it’s a safe place for us and our children?” She asks.

Red Cross and the police does not know who did it. “This is Europe. The country of safety and freedom. How can there be this kind of problem?” “If someone kills me or steal my children, then what? “It makes me worry a lot.”

“The next day Red Cross fixed my door but we want to be sure we are protected. The Red Cross said someone who lived in the center Sandholm did that, but we don’t know who. If Red Cross don’t know and even police who will stop robbery in the camp, they don’t know, they must find the person who is living in the name of asylum seeker and stealing things from our house and warn them not to do more”.

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