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Celebrating Eid in an asylum center

The people of the asylum center in Auderød also celebrated Eid. Much in the same way as anywhere else, but still very different; they did not have their own family to celebrate with.

“But we are family with all of the camp people today”, one of the asylum seekers explained.


Singing and dancing
At the evening they gathered in a big hall room and they arranged a dinner party. After finishing dinner and greetings, they provided a very enjoyable musical programme. When people of different countries and cultures were singing a song and dancing together with music, the party became more and more enjoyable. With this music, the maximum people of the whole party were dancing, some of those physically, some of those were dancing and enjoying in mind. The children of the camp were also enjoying a lot with elders.

It seemed like many of them managed to forget all of their personal problems and had a memorable day.

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