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CPH:DOX review: The Connection of the Past and the Present

When 18-year-old Ibrahim appeared on the screen, he looked quiet and calm, with a rationality far beyond his age. His homesickness, missing Syria where he came from, accompanied with the sound of arriving refugees in the Tempelhof asylum centre and the hollow and grand music, suddenly brought a knot of …

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“Moving children affects them badly”

“We are just beginning to feel stable here, but they decided to move us again. I don’t care about me or my wife, but I care about my children. I have two, a 6 year old – he started school one week ago – and a 3 year old. They …

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Fighting for a better translation professionalism

By: Marion Chen Interpretation in the public sector is in a bad shape. A recent report concludes that 85-90% of the interpreters in Denmark are non-educated, which means that they do not have a degree at any level in Danish, in the foreign language and/or in the field of translation. …

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Without land

New Times has met Bahar who is a famous Kurdish poet. Writing poems helps her to receive peace in her heart and flee from the tough situation and nightmare which you live in at all times as an asylum seeker By: Danial “I’m standing in the middle of the globe, …

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