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Bye-Bye Center Sigerslev

Center Sigerslev is closing soon. The staff have been fired and many of the residents will miss the place

Sad departure for the staff at Center Sigerslev

By Rohit


Center Sigerslev was not only an asylum center; it was ‘home away from home’ for the arround 150 asylum seekers seekers living there. It was surrounded by the absolute natural beauty of  ‘Stevns Klint’ in South Zealand. Now the center is going to be completely shut down by the last week of February, which is shocking for both residents and the Red Cross staff working there.

“I am feeling really sad. It has been very nice place to work and we had worked very hard to make it a nice place  for the people to live,” says Helle Jørgensen, Center Leader, with moist eyes in an interview with New Times.

Emotional Sludge
While the staff are feeling very sad and are sympathetic towards the residents, the resident asylum seekers are feeling absolutely homeless and anxious about moving on to other asylum centers in Denmark where they will have to start a new life from scratch once again.

Khalid frustrated12285654894_e7a39cac8a_h
Khalid from Pakistan is frustrated: “I was living in Jutland and requested to move to Zealand because I am supposed to go to an Urdu church every Sunday. After eight months of waiting the Immigration Service accepted my request and they sent me here. Now they are sending me back to Jutland. I am really stunned by this kind of behaviour by the authorities”, he says.

Residents of center Sigerslev have already started moving to other centers and the last batch will leave on 10th of Feb. 2014.

The Future for the Red Cross Staff
A team of 17 Red Cross staff members work in center Sigerslev in three shifts: morning, evening and night. All of them have now been fired and are hoping to find other jobs after 28th. February.

[message_box title=”History of Center Sigerslev” color=”red”]The center was opened in 1992 for single persons and families and closed in 2004. In 2009 the center was reopened for single men and stayed open up till now – Feb.2014.[/message_box]

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