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Birgitte is an angel to the asylum seekers in Auderød

The volunteer Birgitte Nielsen, is popular among the asylum seekers in Auderød.

By: Paiwand

There are many people, who work in the asylum center as a volunteer in Denmark. Those volunteers are a very good help for asylum seekers and for the Red Cross. Some of them almost act like an asylum seeker’s family – they are next to them in hard times. They spend most of their time with helping the asylum seekers in many different ways,  for example by taking them to church, organizing trips to museums, helping them to learn Danish and helping them to be a part of the Danish society.

Her behaviour and her personality is not like normal people

When I ask some of the asylum seekers about the volunteers in Auderød, all of them point to Birgitte Nielsen.

My husband call her mom now
Mona Ahmadi from Kurdistan says: “Birgitte is such an angel for us. God sent her to our life. I think my mom is here now; she is a big person, a different one with a big heart, which it is full of love and kindness.” We moved to another center now which located in Jutland, but she still coming to visit us and take us out of the center. She always find out a legal way to help us. I’m here with my husband. He lost his mom a few years ago, now my husband call Birgitte mom. He told me she gaves same feeling and love which his mom gave to him.

Sees us as normal people
Azad Ehsasi from Kurdistan expresses it this way: “Most of the Christian believe that saints are available between people – I have always wished to meet one of them. Birgitte is a saint for me: she is a saint, who just have love and kindness in her heart.”
Birgitte can understand us and she always trying to take us out of the camps and organize a picnic for us or invite us to her house and let us to make our favorite food. She sees us as normal people not us asylum seekers.

She helps everyone in the same way

Also Omid thinks she is an angel.
”Her behaviour and her personality is not like normal people. I feel she wants the best for others before herself. She does not make any difference between religions or men or women. She helps everyone in the same way and in the same amount. And she invites us to her house.  

Birgitte Nielsen is one of the volunteers in Auderød center. She started in September 2015, and her job in Auderød is like a dream for her.

What is your job in Auderød ?
“I’m responsible for the second hand clothes shop in the center. I sort clothes and help people to find clothes. Until two weeks ago I had nine people [asylum seekers], who helped me to sort the clothes and to be in the shop together with me. I started in the end of September 2015. I love my job in Auderød. It is a dream for me.”

How do you feel about the asylum seekers?
“I love to be with asylum seekers, and when I spend a lot of time with them my heart gets changed in a good way. I can feel their pain, and when I spend a lot of time with them, I can understand them better.”

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