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Asylum Seekers Went Bowling

A tour to a bowling club proved to be an exhilarating experience for asylum seekers

By: Agha Muhammad Mobeen

A Sunday some time ago my 14 camp fellows and I were taken to one of the bowling clubs by bus in Holbaek.  A Red Cross volunteer Ramus Munch led us to the club in his car, and soon we were there. Rasmus comes to our camp once a month to take us refugees to different places so we can try some new activities.

Bowling-pinsNew Experience
We were divided into two teams when we walked into the big bowling hall. I had never bowled before, but with Ramus’ encouragement, I was able to try with confidence. I found I was getting better with every bowl I threw. By the end, I found it quite easy, and even made a strike twice.

Fun and Flare
We stayed for about two hours and I took pictures all along. Ramus then offered us a Christmas drink, and in return, I gave him a bit of chocolate.  I was so glad to know that he is concerned about us because otherwise, I had a very different impression of Danes. It is my experience that they do not mix with foreigners and especially not with asylum seekers.

Family Flavour
There were many Danes at the bowling alley with their families having fun, and I got an opportunity to talk to one of the Danish ladies. We definitely stood out with our darker skin and foreign languages, and she was keen to know about us and why we were there. It was important for her to meet a group of asylum seekers herself, and know that we were just there to have fun.

Happy Times
We enjoyed every minute of our bowling experience. It was such a wonderful experience for all of us and upon our return to camp, everyone cheered. Now we all have something nice to remember.


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