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Asylum seekers feed the guests at Roskilde Festival

Shiry is asylum seeker from Marocco and makes food at the festival with Sister’s Cuisine.

By: Mustafa

“We work so hard and the people really like our food so we have a lot of customers. We are here because  Sister’s Cuisine’s made a cook book with food from refugee women. The food we make is from this book. Food from the Middle East, Afghanistan, Thailand and Marocco. All of us are volunteers. I wish I will be here next year if I have the chance. I really like music and dance. It’s my first time I have been here and I really like it. People come from everywhere. Because of work I can’t go to all the concerts. I work here in shifts every day of the festival, but I have enjoyed some concerts. I was so happy.”

Sisters’ Cousine is a project run by the Trampoline House.

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