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Asyl Cup 2013: Unity in Diversity

The participants demonstrated the value of friendship and fair competition. All in all this tournament was a fair example of true game spirit and unity


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By Rohit

“Sport and play is universal. No borders, politics, rules and regulations can stop people’s wish to play and meet in a friendly and warm atmosphere,” said Anne La Cour Vågen, Head of asylum centers under Danish Red Cross in Denmark, in the opening ceremony of asylum cup 2013 in center Auderød on wednesday August 14, 2013.

In this very enthusiastic tournament in which people were meeting with and hugging with each other with great excitement and fair smiles, teams from seven asylum centers from Sjaelland and Jylland participated for different sports events like football, volleyball, cricket, basketball and athletics for three days.The sportsmen and -women came from the asylum centers in Jelling, Thyregod, Ebeltoft, Sigerslev, Sandholm, Avnstrup and Auderød.

New Times asked Anne La Cour Vågen,’ if we can find the hidden sports talent out of this very tournament and can utilize that talent with normal danish sport society ‘, she said: “ of course we can utilize that talent with normal danes because this tournament can be appropriate platform for the exposure to their sport talent some of these players are going to live in Denmark and they will do something nice in the different fields of the society, and sport is one of those fields, so certainly “

Opening Ceremony
This tournament began on Wednesday 14 Aug. 2013 in very damp and drizzling evening. It started with the opening speech of Anne La Cour Vågen, in the presence of all participating teams with 200 participants and organizers, and more than hundred of audience of center auderød in the stadium with two huge football courts, basketball court athletic tracks, and indoor stadium. All dampness of evening fumed away when five young, sizzling, and thundering girls performed brazilian Samba dance under tremendously dazzling music played by DJ Hamadou. All the audience just zealed out with blend of amazing music and brazilian Samba.

True Sport Spirit
As this asylum cup is a sport tournament between asylum centers, where the people come from many different regions like Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, South Asia and South America, who represent different languages and cultural backgrounds. All these participants demonstrated the value of friendship and fair competition and all in all this event was just a perfect example of unity in diversity.

Day Two
The second day of the tournament was a very hectic day. There were different parallel sport events like football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, athletics and ladies football. It started with preliminary matches and ended up with quarter and semi finals.

Ladies football was one of most fabulous events in this tournament. It was arranged in a small concrete football court and played between women from the Red Cross staff and resident women of center Auderød. Women in all ages participated in this event. Some men also participated in this event in ladies costume.

The ‘Fest‘
As second day of the tournament was quite a busy day for all participants, organizers had arranged a big party in the evening to make everybody feel cozy and nice. This party was arranged in the cafeteria. There was plenty of snacks and juices for refreshment and DJ hamadou was there with his audio apparatus to entertain the crowd. General resident asylum seekers of center Auderød also came to this party. All people at the party seemed to have a joyful evening. The DJ played Kurdish, Afghani, West African and Caribbean music and all people danced and freaked out to their respective traditional music. The party went on all night long.

The third and last day of the tournament was also the decicive day, when finals were to be played. All finals were played at around 4 pm, and right after the whistle had blown for the last time, prizes were awarded to the winning teams. Center Sigerslev won gold and Avnstrup silver in the football cup; in cricket Center Avnstrup won gold and Sigerslev silver; In basketball center Sigerslev won both gold and silver; In volleyball center Avnstrup won gold and Auderød won silver and in 5000 mtr. running center Auderød won the gold and Sigerslev silver. All winning teams were applauded by the audience and other participants.

Being asked on a reaction to these winning moments, the coach and manager of the winning team center Sigerslev, Torben Sloth said: ”It always feels good whenever we work hard and prepare, play and win within true game spirit and value. All players have worked very hard and therefore well prepared. They played nice and won, and I give all the credit to the team.“

Zlatan Perusinovic, Head of the referee staff for this tournament said: “all the teams played so nicely, there were tough competitions in all events, and all the teams showed very good game spirit and sense of sport value. I am quite satisfied with this tournament and thank to all the teams and organizers.“



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