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Asylum Birthdays

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Mary from Kenya lives in centre Auderød. She wishes she could invite 100 people to share her birthday, but this year she just celebrated it with her partner and her daughter.

“On my birthday, I  enjoy blowing the candles out, cutting the cake and popping a bottle of champagne. My special food is wugali and sukumawiki [corn grain and greens, Ed.] plus fried meat. When I receive gifts I open them immediately and share them with my friends´

Abdul Kadir from Somalia lives in Auderød.  “I know the day I was born but I don’t celebrate. The only celebration was when I  was born, then my family held a function, they slaughtered two animals to thank Allah. In most cases the animals have to be sheep.

Miriah from Uganda lives in Centre Kongelunden. “This year I managed to go out for a dinner with my friends. The day is important to me because I feel relieved of all the stress and worries and joy, happiness and laughs takes the lead of the day”.

“I unwrap my gifts the following day to extend my  excitement”, she says.

Danny Kouame from Ivory Coast lives in centre Auderød. “I look forward to celebrate my birthday, but with the will of God I will be out of the camp by then. I love African food and will prepare it and then invite my friends for a party. Drinks will flow one after another and music will be in full blast because I enjoy music like P square, Koffi Olomide, Fally Ipupa, Magic System and Mokobe. A cake is not important but I love presents”.

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Every person in the world shares his or her birthday with at least 10,000,000 other people. So the next time you celebrate your birthday and your friends sing “happy birthday” – just know you are sharing.


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