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Four asylum children from Kongelunden asylum center left footprints in front of Red Cross building

Art exhibition at Red Cross


Four asylum children from Kongelunden asylum center left footprints in front of Red Cross building

Text: Margaret Jadon. Photo: Ahmed

The 1st of December, the exhibition LANDSCAPE by the artist Heidi Hove, opened at Red Cross at Rosenørns Allé. The exhibition consists of a big Yucca plant fenced in with filled water bottles in the storefront window, and outside, footprints in the newly poured cement on top of the pavement.

“My inspiration comes from my travels” Heidi Hove said. Heidi wants to bring something ‘unknown’ to Denmark – to make the various passerbys stop up for a moment and perhaps wonder about these ‘new’ installations in the window and on the street. “With this project I would like to highlight what is normally hidden in the Danish society” Heidi said.

Water bottles are normally recycled, but here they have another purpose. They contain the water that the plant need for surviving, but will the passerbys water the plant? Normally footprints don’t last long in Denmark. They vanish the moment you pass on. But in the cement, they leave a more permanent mark, like a monument.

Four children from Kongelunden got the chance to leave their footprints for a longer time. “Asylum seekers live in centres outside the city. It’s a shame because it creates a distance. I think we need to make things more open and visible in Denmark.” With the exhibition LANDSCAPE Red Cross wants to create openness and a particular atmosphere on the street.

The exhibition will be open from the 1st of December to the 14th of January.



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